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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the photo background somehow?
Yes, we automatically remover background. Upload your photo with any kind of background and it will be erased and changed into the required one.

What is the required color of background in the UAE passport photo?
The background must be white, plain and free of shadows and patterns. No other objects or people may be visible behind you.

Where to take photo cheaply?
The most cost-effective way of preparing a photo for documents is by doing it yourself. With just a smartphone at home you will save money as you pay only for your best shot and this is a part of the price in a photography studio.

Can I have my long hair down in photo?
Yes, there are no requirements about hairstyles for official photos and there is no requirement for having your ears showing.

Should I remove my piercing while taking a photo?
No. You can keep them in as long as you make sure they do not obscure your facial features.

Can I print my photo on my home printer?
No, inkjet printers are not suitable for printing photos. You will need high quality paper to print your photo, so it is best to either get your photo printed at a photo booth, after using our service to edit and verify it.

Will I receive my photo?
Of course you will. Once you have ordered the photo, you will receive the photo to your email address. You can print it or send it via the Internet as many times as you want.

Can I keep my beard while taking a photo?
Yes, it is allowed. Just make sure that your face is still recognisable.

Can I wear eyeglasses in the British driver’s licence photo?
Yes you can, if their frames are not covering your eyes. Tinted and dark glasses are always forbidden. However, we do recommend taking them off so as to avoid any glare or reflection with the glass.

Glasses on in the photo
Glasses in the photo are a common mistake made when applying for a U.S. passport or U.S. citizenship. You must remove your glasses for a picture, even if they are prescription glasses. Fortunately, glasses are allowed in the other passport photo. You can leave them on, as long as there is no glare visible in the photo.

Head tilted
Your head must not be tilted up or down. You have to hold it perfectly straight so that the oval of your face, temples, eyes and eyebrows are visible.

A wide smile
A common mistake in a passport photo is a full smile – you should keep your face in a neutral expression. These are the requirements for most document pictures around the world.

Bad size and position
It is unacceptable when the camera is too close to the person being photographed, as well as when it’s too far. Keep your phone at least 1.2 m or (at least 40 cm) away from the person. The head should be centred. For example, when taking a UAE passport photo (35 x 45 mm), the head size should be 30 to 35 mm. 

Poor quality of visa or passport photos
The biometric photo must not be blurry and must not appear grainy – it should be sharp and in focus. To avoid motion blur, place your phone on a tripod and place it on a steady surface. Avoid using filters and selfies. 

Objects in the background
The background must be bright, uniform, and without decorations or objects in the back. No other person should be in the picture. 

Also, do not upload a photo where you have removed the background yourself. let us removes the background professionally and automatically using artificial intelligence.

Hair and headwear
A common mistake in a passport photo is hair that obscures a portion of the face. If you have long hair, you should adjust it so that your entire face is visible. Religious coverings, e.g. Hijab, is allowed, but they cannot obscure even a tiny part of the cheeks or the face. The scarf has to be pushed aside to reveal the oval of the face.

The big challenge when taking passport photos with your phone is the right lighting. It is best to stand facing a window and pose in the natural daylight. There must be no visible shadows on the face or shoulders in the final shot.

Bad cropping of the photo
The frame must cover the entire head, neck and upper shoulders. If you are taking a photo at home with your phone, try to follow these rules. Later, when you upload the image to Allphoto.

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