Renew an Indian Passport within USA

Renew an Indian Passport within USA

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In place of CKGS, VFS Global has been given the contract by the Republic of India’s government for passport services (including passport renewal). Fortunately, most of the steps involved in renewing your Indian passport stay the same. The steps Indian nationals must take to properly renew a passport while in the United States are described in this article.

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Where to start Indian passport renewal?

There are two major official forms that must be carefully completed

  • the official NRI government passport application form, 
  • and the VFS Global order form. 

These two forms are both completed online. Since the forms are not compatible with mobile devices, it is highly advised that you complete this process on a laptop or desktop computer. You must register for a VFS Global account.

You can fill out the two forms in either order. The Application Reference Number (ARN), which you will require to complete the VFS Global order form, can be obtained by starting with the government application form first. However, if you start with the VFS form first, their online widget will automatically fill out much of your information for you in the government form, which is convenient. In other words, switching back and forth between forms can be necessary numerous times. Be prepared for some frustration.

Both documents must be printed, signed, and sent to VFS with the rest of your paperwork in addition to being submitted online. which is a significant number of documents.

Renew an expired Indian passport – required documents

Helpfully, the third required document is a checklist of everything you need for your application. This checklist must be printed out, checked off, filled in, and signed. All of the documents in your application should be stacked in the order of the checklist. Here is the list:

  • The completed VFS Order Form
  • The checklist
  • Printed & signed copy of the Online Application Form
  • Three (3) copies of your completed Nationality Verification Form.
  • Three (3) recent color photographs. These need to be 51mm x 51mm.
  • A notarized color photocopy of your US visa, work permit or Green Card.
  • Your original passport which you are renewing. It will be returned together with your new passport.
  • Color photocopies of the first five (5) pages and the last two (2) pages of your passport.
  • A money order in the correct amount to cover the fees.
  • Shipping labels for delivery of your new passport, which you will download from VFS.

Additional documents for Indian passport – optional

  • Highest Qualification Degree: If your old passport has “ECR” selected (Emigration Check Required), you will need to submit your education information, typically a copy of your highest qualification degree, such as an MBA or a PhD. New Indian passports have a default setting of ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required). Only self-certification (i.e., signing) and notarization are required for this copy. Even if you are ECNR, you may still submit this.
  • Proof of US address: If you choose to have your US address displayed on your passport, you must also submit a copy of your lease or mortgage, recent utility bills in your name, a state-issued ID or driver’s license issued in the US, or a recent utility bill showing your name on them.
  • A copy of your Indian driver’s license, Aadhar card, or current utility bills in your name should be included as proof of your Indian address if you need to change it.
  • Marriage certificate: only if you want to add your spouse’s name to your passport.

Additional documentation can be needed, depending on how complicated your situation is. For instance, you will need to send color copies of the children’s birth certificates if you have kids who need to renew their passports. There is another form if you have changed your name. You might be needed to provide a notarized affidavit for a change of appearance if your look has significantly altered since you last applied for a passport. In place of the required three passport photos, you will need to provide eight (8) if your passport has been out of date for more than three years.

Indian passport photo online

Save yourself some time and money by taking your passport photos yourself. Use an online photo booth like our services to get perfect pictures, fast. If your family includes young children needing passports of their own, it is much easier to take the pictures in the privacy of your own home at your convenience.

The service guides you through the process. It’s fun and easy to use—all you need is your smartphone. The results are guaranteed to be acceptable to the Republic of India’s passport agency.

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